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. but at the same time, i agree, for example, obama and his state of the union address recently talked about the importance of getting more technical training. because our students today really need to understand how the, what they're doing in middle 62 and high school, absolutely is linked to their future success in the job market. whether that is white collar, highly educated profession, or a more skilled technical kind of profession. >> claudia, thank you so much for that insight. >> sure. >>> up next, from the son of a gambling man to one of america's longest serving state governors, governor bob miller's lifestyle reads like the godfather but with a happy ending. [ mom ] 3 days into school break and they're already bored. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less. with the small but powerful picker upper, bounty select-a-size. when i first felt the
they were unchanged in 17 states. fell in just 8. as we have seen, president obama does not often play it safe in the cabinet nominations. at least the second time around. today he picked a justice department official who according to an inspector general report may have been less than forthcoming, about a controversial case mixing race, voting right, intimidation and politics. james rosen is in the white house. >> to lead this in the sustained unemployment, president obama nominated tom perez. >> he has fought to open pathway in workforce for everyone willing to contribute, including those with disabilities, lgbt americans and immigrants. he has helped settle the largest cases ever on behalf of families targeted by unfair mortgage lending. >> the son was a staff lawyer to kennedy and labor secretary for maryland. >> i'm confident that together, the business community, republicans, democrats, independents the like we can keep making progress for all the working families. >> some business leader like miller and long, the mid-atlantic largest employment structure voiced fear that perez w
building on that continues. with the new secretary of state, with the second term of president obama. but i definitely think that it is a valid approach that deserves to be looked at seriously. and i think that is her overriding legacy. she was very much about the big picture. she realized she came in at a time when there was a lot of talk about american decline, when america was facing a financial cries and the world was facing a financial crisis,she was struck by the perception that people had of the united states, this country, she loves, believes in american leadership, and people are asking her, what do you stand for? are you still a superpower? everything seems to be going into meltdown in washington. so she re-asserted the perception of america as a global power. repaired some of the damage to alliances that america had around the world, and tried to help improve the perception around the world of the united states, and then just one last point. i have spoken to several foreign ministers for the back because this is very much a layered book with a lot of different perspectives i have
any secretary of state, any administration -- usually at the end, but in this case the beginning -- is the israeli/palestinian conflict. president obama, as you mention in your book, his first call was to, as president, to mahmoud abbas, the head of the palestinian authority. how did that get derailed? it seems like it's no longer -- maybe it's going to again become a front burner issue, but for at least three years of the presidency it kind of went to the back burner. what happened there? >> guest: several things. and it certainly wasn't for the lack of trying on the part of this administration. i think that you can sum it up by saying expectations were raised way too high by the president, by the administration um, there was a belief that perhaps there was a window of opportunity that could be used to advance, um, the talks. but there was a misreading in the united states about what had changed on the ground in israel and in the palestinian territories and where each of the players was, be it netanyahu and abbas. and there is often the sense that if you're the american presiden
media, find the links and you can e-mail me. conservative critics pounced on president obama just because said the united states doesn't have a crisis? and the republican leader, speaker of the house as a matter of fact defends his view next. g. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep, and lunesta eszopiclone can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. do not take lunesta if you are allergic to anything in it. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lu
of the united states. president obama will announce the nomination this morning at the white house. that will take place in about 20 minutes. live coverage at 11:40 eastern on c-span to. congress returns to capitol hill today. but congress will double in at 2:00 eastern. later this week it will work on federal spending for the rest of the budget year in budget for next fiscal year. the senate gaveling into a working on the spending bill. they vote on moving it forward. you will be able to seize live coverage beginning at 2:00 eastern. as usual, the house here on c- span. earlier today we spoke with a reporter working of the week ahead in congress. host: of the hill newspaper here in washington, d.c. talk about the spending and the timing of it this week here yet to go this is the early work for the senate time. they are hoping they can do this today. we will really watch the floor when they show up in the early afternoon to see what they came out with. have they reached a deal on a mix? maybe token votes to appease some people, and they hope to finish this today or maybe early tomo
the syrian rebels. >> we do not stand, president obama has made it clear, that the united states does not stand in the way of other countries that made a decision to provide arms, whether it's france or britain or others. he believes that we need to change president assad's calculation. >> there has been disagreement in the past in, within the cabinet. we now know that hillary clinton and the c.i.a. director and others wanted some, and the defense team as well, leon panetta, wanted to arm the rebels. the president is still dead set against that. we don't know where secretary kerry comes down. is this an issue where the president is going to have to move under pressure from allies? >> i think this is an issue that the people at the white house wrestle with every single day. the human cost of assad's actions are horrific. and we struggle with the human toll and hearing these stories from the region, about innocent people that are suffering. so what the president has done is rejected this notion that either we arm them or we're not supporting them. there's been enormous diplomatic effort
that just as israel's right to exist cannot be denied, neither can palestine's. the united states does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. it is time for these settlements to stop. >> president obama's relationship with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu soured over the course of the four years. open disagreements over those israeli settlements and borders. >> we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swats. >> my israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. because these lines are indefensible. >> netanyahu lectured the president in the oval office at that event. the low point of their personal relationship. the erosion of trust between the two leaders was just one in a series of events which derailed the president's quest for first term peace. in the arab spring a major disruption as israel lost its most important arab ally, egyptian president hosni mubarak. most effective player in getting palestinians to the table. clashes between israel and
so. and we must support president obama and senator finestien comprehensive effort to reform the gun laws, i support state and federal effort to keep the weapons off of our streets and out of our homes. i have directed our city agencies and law enforcement officials to move towards plans of action, to prioritize and create solutions that impact policy changes and take aggressive actions against the moment egregious types of gun violence and we are working hard and making more plans for more deeper, more wider gun buy back programs and events that will take place later this year. but no single mayor can stop gun violence alone. if we work together, as a city, as a community, as a region, as a state, and now, as importantly as a nation, if we work together as a nation, we can make real impact. forget the polls. forget the politics. forget the threats of this lobbying group or that lobbying group. we are doing what is necessary and what is the right thing to do. and we are not going to make any excuses for why we can't get it done. it is time to take a stand and it is time to stand for
of the united states, president obama, shortly after the election started in a very strong position. he just one reelection. and he had a democratic senate. now, he did not own the capital because republicans had the house of representatives. but the next thing was the fiscal cliff. and the fiscal cliff was an automatic $5 trillion tax increase unless the president, the house, and the senate passed an alternative bill. so, he had all the cards. he had all the power. if he said, i want to keep $1 trillion of that, i want to keep two, the republicans and democrats in the house and senate could not stop us. the republicans and the house several times said we vote to extend everything and democrats and the senate said, we don't. so it will be a $5 trillion tax increase and the president said, okay, i want $600 billion. he took his pound of flesh, he got that, and then he made all of 85% from all the remaining bush tax cut permanent. that heof the money could have taken off the table and given to his friends remained with the american people. and as a result, he now gave all of his bargaining positio
for reelection in new jersey a state that obama just won by 18 points. so if he had come it is actually very likely he would have gotten booed, but there were a lot of people who were upset that someone like donald trump came but not chris christie. >> bill: so he is winning both ways? >> yeah. and he has plenty of time to re reingratiate himself with the republican party. >> bill: james hohmann great to see you have. >> great to see you. >> bill: i'll be back with the parting shot for today. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ when many soles pass through the most trodden areas of your home your vacuum doesn't always pick up what's left behind. only the resolve easy clean system has foam power to stop dirt in its tracks. it penetrates deep within your carpet removing 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. leaving the busiest areas of your carpets, truly fresh and clean. the resolve easy clean system. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started next.
this is a potential debacle not just for israel or the united states, but they've made four more years under the obama presidency. >> megyn: what do you think the president hopes to accomplish while he's over there and what will his message to us be upon his return? >> i think he's going to twist netanyahu's arm behind his back and with great fever say, i stand with israel and hope that the american people will believe what he says and not what he's doing. >> megyn: ambassador john bolton, thank you for your perspective. >> thank you. >> megyn: we've heard powerful statements from all sides yesterday as the judge delivered a guilty verdict against two high school football players accused of raping a young woman. kelly's court today on whether the punishment fits the crime. we'll tell you what happens. and dr. ben carson took the national stage this weekend and suggested, remember this fw guy? he made a big storm when he talked about the president's policies a couple feet away. he spoke again at cpac and suggested some changes underway in the country right now are threatening to destroy our country. he
and with the supervisors and with the department heads to do what mrs. obama asked us to do. whenever we occupy these public positions throughout the city or throughout the state or throughout the nation, we do the right thing, we keep the doors of opportunity open and enriched for everybody else. and we're already seeing it happen. yesterday i was at the luncheon for the boys and girls club, wonderful, wonderful entity that's reaching out to all of our young high school kids and make sure they're motivated to go to college. you should have heard them talk about their futures. you should also hear them ask for our help, because i know as much as anybody else that our kids will inherit the good things that we do. they will also inherit the things that we fail to do. and i'm about making sure that we fail less in the things that we're obligated to do for our generations. that's why i'm investing in education. personally, and with all of my administration, i personally adopted the 12 middle schools in this city to make sure that the truancy goes down, is not eliminated, that the kids who are in ou
as well. could this be obama helping to set up secretary of state john kerry for what you talk about is the larger issue of peace negotiations down the line? >> yes, and i believe secretary kerry is very committed to a middle east peace process. i think it's long overdue. and i think the president's got to give him the political cover that secretary kerry would need. and key is going to be the israeli public. and the relationship with president netanyahu. you know you what say candid or business-like in diplomacy, it means that it's not a perfect relationship. but, you know, a lot of leaders, they develop this relationship. a better relationship, over time, and i think that's what the president is doing. >> so as long as the business relationship can produce positive business results it's a good thing. let's talk about iran. the nuclear issue that's a top issue for president obama's agenda. on friday, defense secretary chuck hagel said there are these plans to beef up missiles after north korea said it was going to be trying to have its preemptive nuclear strike against the u.s. or l
in on what their take is. >>> president barack obama will visit and they are getting ready since 2009. secretary of state jim h. cary will -- accompany the president and political analysts say they have fence mening to do with israelis and palestinians if he hopes to restore the peace process. >>> and they will nominate an assistant attorney general at the labor department today. perez has been in charge of the civil rights division since 2009 and he will be the first latino nominated for his second term cabinet, she returned home to los angeles. >>> many people from all over the world are attending the world baseball classic. no dancing pants. trying to talk basketball, puerto rico played them and they move on to the finals. tonight the netherlands will play and the winner will play tomorrow night. you may want to take your credit cards to pay for parking. remember the parking prices went up in that area earlier this month. special prices near at&t parkings they can run as high as 7 bucks an hour. >> it is crazy. you just put in a quarter, sal, and nothing ever moves, it's okay, i ha
success of governors in the state. they've the boss. >> right now president obama has the whip hand and he's the executive. he's using it more effective than i've seen in the past. regarding governors, the thing i don't like about this is shorter primary process and fewer debates. i couldn't like that because i want everyone to have a shot at this. if you can't raise that money right upfront, you should still have a shot. nobody thought barack obama could beat hillary clinton and he did. we had a lot of debates about this one. it wasn't romney. he outlasted everybody. i think that process issue is important. last question. what about old fashioned free enterprise? free markets? lower tax rates? limited government. does that not play any more? >> it does, but the sides chose on that. it's the 10 million undecided. they vote for the brand they think is better looking or speaks better. he's a terrible president but amazing brand. >> he's a great speaker. you get him from the teleprompter, it changes. he isn't a great president, but very effective communicator. >> i've got to get out of here.
, particularly in the target states, reflecting the compared to the advantage that the obama campaign had in turnout. -- reflecting the comparative advantage that the obama campaign had in turnout. somelican managed to boot senate races that they should have won, as they did in 2010, but they maintained, by in large, the house of representatives, losing only eight seats, and their position was very strong. that position that they build up in 2010. they lost legislatures in maine and minnesota but by and large kept legislatures that they had 2010 and had the kind of advantage they have not had in state legislature in many years. many states that have both houses controlled by republicans. they are not small states. is 13 states with a democratic governors -- with the democratic-- with governors. let me leave you with a final number from the exit poll. electorate, when asked if the government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals, 43% said government should do more. that is in line with the trend that we have seen for the last 30 years and 40 years in response t
president bush's in 2009. secretary of state john kerry will accompany the president. president obama will also meet with palestinian leaders in the west bank. political analysts say the president has fence mending to do with both israelis and palestinians if he hopes to revive the stalled middle east peace process. >>> in just about 30 minutes, president obama will nominate assistant attorney general tomas perez. as the labor department secretary. he's been in charge of the civil rights division since 2005. he would be the first latino nominated by president obama for his second-term cabinet. hilda so list resigned in -- solis resigned in january to return home to family. >>> the san francisco symphony canceled its east coast tour because the musicians are on strike. a proposal was rejected to continue performances for a cooling-off period. still no word on when negotiations will resume. >>> 8:11. this week marks ten years since the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. the security concerns still plaguing the iraqi people. >>> and how a new grant for adding more police officers could mean offi
. secretary of state john kerry will accompany the president. president obama will also meet with palestinian leaders in the west bank. political analysts say the president has fence mending to do with both israelis and palestinians if he hopes to revive the stalled middle east peace process. >>> in just about 30 minutes, president obama will nominate assistant attorney general tomas perez. as the labor department secretary. he's been in charge of the civil rights division since 2005. he would be the first latino nominated by president obama for his second-term cabinet. hilda so list resigned in -- solis resigned in january to return home to family. >>> the san francisco symphony canceled its east coast tour because the musicians are on strike. a proposal was rejected to continue performances for a cooling-off period. still no word on when negotiations will resume. >>> 8:11. this week marks ten years since the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. the security concerns still plaguing the iraqi people. >>> and how a new grant for adding more police
in the united states and around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> only a day before president obama heads to the middle east. syrian war planes open fire in lebanon. >> the united states is calling it a significant esklation of the assad regime. >> the carnage grows. the port is building in the west to give weapons to syrian rebels. cnn's nick peyton walsh is joining us from beirut. let's start with the rockets fired into lebanon. how close to the capitol did they come? >> reporter: it was still pretty far out in the border region between lebanon and syria. very mountainous, indistinct where the border is. we understand two war planes hit derelict buildings, but governments tried to keep out of the fighting with a policy that calls disassociation. the concern is not that this will get a government or military response back to syria, but it might ignite the sectarian tensions inside lebanon, which pretty much mirror those that play in syria. also point out, wolf, rebels unleashing a barrage of rockets in central damascus, too. a real uptick in violence today, wolf. >> when it comes t
of the united states, president obama, started shortly after the election in a very strong position. he just won re-election, okay? and he had a democratic senate. now, he didn't own the capitol because republicans had the house of representatives, but the next thing was the fiscal cliff. and the fiscal cliff was an automatic $5 trillion tax increase unless the president, the house and the senate passed an alternative bill. so he had all the cards. he had all the power. if he said i want to keep one trillion of that five, i want to keep two, the republicans and democrats in the house and senate couldn't stop that. the republicans in the house several times said we vote to extend everything, and the democrats in the senate said, well, we don't, so it's going to be a $5 trillion tax increase. and the president said, okay, i want $600 billion. he took his pound of flesh, he got that. and then he made all of 85% all the remaining bush tax cuts permanent. so 85% of the money that he could have taken off the table and given to his friends remained with the american people. and as a result, he now gave
states are also considering comparable measures. the obama administration supports the challenge to the arizona law. and today's arguments on the heels of another case that could roll back a key portion of the voting rights act of 1965. for more on today's arguments, we turn as always to marcia coyle of the "national law journal." she was in the courtroom this morning, and is back with us tonight. so the outcome, marcia, of this could actually tip the federal-state balance on who gets to govern how we vote. >> that's true, gwen. the question before the justices is where do you draw the line between who has the authority to regulate elections. the election clause of the constitution actually gives authority to both. but where is the line when one crosses or goes too far than the other does? so that's the issue before the court. it wasn't clear today that it's going to be an easy line to find. >> ifill: the reason why this arizona law exists is because arizona officials say there's a problem involving illegal or undocumented immigrants registering to vote fraudulently. is there any
in putting states voting online. the full article is at nbcnews.com. >>> meanwhile in israel in the west bank, preparations are under way for the arrival of president obama. on wednesday mr. obama will make his first trip to the region as president. crews in jerusalem have been hanging up u.s. flags. the luxurious king david hotel is getting ready to receive the president and his entourage. they have been finalizing special dishes and anticipating any possible requests. >>> and now for a look at your monday weather. meteorologist bill karins is here. i guess the word of the day is jet stream. >> there's a huge storm off the west coast. it gives us one decent day. the exception up in the northwest. a little tiny storm coming up through southern british columbia bringing showers. a little snow at the high elevations. we're watching that moving down through. you can see headed towards bellingham, light rain showers for you and on the coast. this big storm winding itself up off the coastline here. there's a big, huge moisture plume all the way near hawaii up around this storm. there's a lot of mo
of the things that it can change just by having more workers go to cities and states. and states, by the way, do a pretty good job with republicans because we have 30 republican governors. and just get to know the people better. that report you're talking about highlighted how well the obama campaign did because they had workers in the swing states that practically had been living there since the 2008 campaign. >> and that perhaps is why we saw at cpac a wider diversity of types of faces speaking. 17 latinos, for instance that were on the rolls this time around. jackie, mitt romney only won 27% of the hispanic vote this time around. he lost the african-american vote and also asian americans in that round. now, in order to see a real change here, are republicans going to have to do more than stop using the language for, example, self-deportation which was used a couple times? and embrace really a wide-reaching immigration reform policy here? >> i think that's what you saw in part on this report. that was really the only policy area the report covered was immigration reform. they're also going to
think the obama administration should not take a leading role in those negotiations. the president will also focus on iran. according to state tv launched a destroyer in the caspian sea yesterday. israeli leaders are expected to push the president about the white house approach to stopping tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >>> there's big takeaways from the annual gathering of conservatives known as cpac, including signs that it could be a crowded presidential field in 2016 for a republican party still trying to find its footing. amid a field of 23 potential candidates, senator rands paul narrowly edged out senator marco rubio and over the course of several days dozens of leaders across the country took the stage there. despite efforts to energize the dialogue turned pointed and public. sarah palin challenged party brass to stop trying to rebrand the gop. she blasted establishment figures for their efforts to only fund candidates they consider viable in a general election. it was a message that drew a quick response from one of the party's top strat gists. >> the last thing w
, 20 rounds. 75-round clips. everything that you see on the wall here. thank you, president obama. >> michael: that's a great colorado accent he has, too. there is this element in your state, dave. how is that being reconciled. >> there is a huge debate in the legislature over gun control. there have been protests and staged protests by the conservative movement against the gun control measures. they were modest measures, measures limiting magazines but they were portrayed as assaults on the second amendment. here's the thing as the polling show, as we've seen more and more mass shootings and some of them have taken place right here in colorado, that has not surprisingly shifted public opinion. it shifted mass popular opinion to say modest steps for gun control is not an assault on the second amendment. we can have modest regulations and also protect constitutional rights. the right does not want to have anybody believe that, but those are the facts of what is happening in the legislature. >> michael: yes, we're going to keep our eyes on colorado because the idea that they're talk
anticipated after she stepped down from the obama administration. the former secretary of state is considered a top democratic contender for the 2016 presidential race. >> the red carpet is being rolled out for president obama ahead of his first visit to israel as president. last-minute preparations are under way today at the formal resident of the israeli president perez. american flags are being hoisted and red carpets rolled out for the president's visit. during his three-day visit, he will go to west bank and jordan. he will meet with leaders to talk about regional issues. israel has beefed up security ahead of the president's arrival on wednesday. >> more than 15,000 police officers involved in the police operation on a national level. more than 5,000 police officers every day from a different unit. under cover police unit, special patrol unit, fast response
they say it poses danger in putting states' voting online. to read the article head to nbcnews.com. >>> in israel and the west bank preparations are under way for the arrival of mr. obama. wednesday mr. obama will make his first trip to the ring general as president. crews in jerusalem have been hanging up american flags. the luxurious king david hotel is getting ready to receive the president and his full entour e entourage. chefs have been busy finalizing dishes and anticipating any possible requests. >>> here's your "first look" at this morning's "scrambled politics." former governor mark sanford is the most familiar name in tuesday's house primary. running on the democratic side is liz bet colbert bush. teddy turner, son of media mogul ted turner, hopes to come in second to force a gop runoff next month. >>> former obama campaign manager david cluff says he is done with running presidential campaigns but note to biden. >> she is in both parties right now. by far i think the most interesting candidate. probably the strongest candidate. >> at this weekend's cpac, professiona
of jobs. hsbc intends do slash 5,000 jobs this year, with some cuts happening in the united states, where the bang has -- bank has 40,000 workers and are expected to save the bank $1 billion. >> president obama is preparing to leave for a three day visit to the middle east this week with lowered expectations. the president will depart on wednesday for israel where he hopes to smooth over relations with prime minister binyamin netanyahu. president obama will visit the west bank and will spend just a few hours meeting with palestinians. the latest poll published by an israeli newspaper finds 38 percent of israelis believe president obama's attitude toward their country is hostile. only 10 percent view him as favorable. >> parking is a big issue in san francisco, right in we have so many stories this morning ahead, the parking fight dividing a san francisco neighborhood. >> a plane plunges to the ground and crabs -- crashes into the neighborhood. the passengers and the victims on the grounds and the investigation underway. >> he has not been mayor of san francisco for more than 20 years but
president obama took another step towards filling out his cabinet. he nominated thomas perez to be the labor secretary. he would replace told this police who resigned in january. former secretary of state hillary clinton announced her support for gay marriage today. she made the announcement in an online video released this morning by a human rights campaign. she says that case and lesbians are full and equal citizens -- gays and lesbians are full and equal citizens. she backed it as a matter of personal and a matter of law. a more private first lady, elizabeth monroe, refuse to continued the tradition of making social calls to washington's political society. she spoke french inside the white house and gained the reputation of being queenly inside the white house. we will explore a relationship with her husband and close successor. we will see the important role she played in 1824 president to campaign of her husband of john quincy adams and the complex relationship with her mother-in- law. we will include your questions and comments by phone, facebook, and twitter tonight at 9:00 eastern on
, one of the lower state tax havens for many companies. they're not in silicon valley. they're in san antonio. >> see you later. cheryl: well, labor pains. president obama does pick a fight with the republicans. the battle over controversial choice for labor secretary ahead. and more pains. we're kicking off a week long series of tax tips coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪ some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds." yikes! then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds, and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit etrade.com/mutualfunds. a brand new start
. >> and if you're in the battleground states, i was in a battleground, you were there as well, they are taking a page out of obama playbook because they were -- they had been in those communities. their ground games were amazing. they knew the people in those communities and they had personal relationships and that's how they won and today reince priebus admitted that as he was announcing that they are going to announce his plan come tomorrow. what will -- what will go beyond voter outreach here in this announcement? will they go beyond voter outreach? what else are republicans planning, paul? >> this is what we think we'll also see in a plan when it comes to a couple other areas where republicans really didn't do well compared to the obama campaign and the democratic party. digit sal one area. they will put a lot of money and manpower into digital to get their message out more effectively, on the social networks and social media so look for a change in digital, and another thing, this is fascinating, don, for people like you and me who follow this. the chairman talked about changing the prima
involve the united states. 55% sympathize more with israel. just 9% sympathize with the palestinian authority. while 18% have no opinion. >>> big trip for president obama. there is a perception by some that -- that the president has devoted more of his energies and his, his vision to arab issues rather than israeli issues. a perception by some, fair or not. so there is a sense that he is going over there to sort of maybe give the impression that he is mending fences. >> and by, by doing what he has done as far as arab issues goes it puts him on the opposite side of where a lot of people want him. because of our tight relationship with israel. that's something that they want to continue to happen. and the fact that he, in the eyes of many has been on the opposite side of israel, and he has been against the settlements, which israel is very much for. it's strained relationships for the president. >> will be a tightrope on the trip. >>> let's talk about the latest on the horrifying lion attack at a california animal sanctuary. the last person to speak to the victim telling her story in
democracy in their state, as governor scott walker stood and acted on principle. [cheers and applause] one patriot stood at a town hall and challenged president obama, questioning his .emonization of the tea party isis no surprise that he from iowa. there is another from iowa. president obama and nancy pelosi on capitol hill and defends the tea party, and for this, karl rove threatened to primary him. cindyrty patriots gave the name "sunshine cindy," because she is one of the most have become a cheerful patriots that we know. michele bachmann inspired this mother of two to stand on principle and run for elective office. a stateindy is representative in minnesota. another organized a grass roots tea party coalition in the unlikely, deep blue state of washington. talkingt door-to-door, about taxes and other items, and they flip them to a fiscally responsible majority, is. -- and they flipped them. the torch of liberty, the constitution in our country, will they perish or last? if we stand and speak for our principles, if we show americans our vision for the future, if we fight for freedom, o
be beyond president obama's position, and this is -- >> how so? how so, joan? >> you know, i think he's left it that he's comfortable leaving it at the state level. she seems to come out and go beyond it that it's just a basic right. you know, i would want to follow-up on that, but it's a very, very strong statement with no caveats or quibbles. and, you know, god bless rob portman. he's come out for it on behalf of his son and other gay people. but this is an issue where the republican party is going to drag its heels. john boehner feels like it's a good idea to come out and say, i wouldn't support gay marriage even if i had a gay son which is so unbelievable. >> let's get a response to that. i think that's interesting. is it becoming partisan? meaning that you expect the republicans will not change their platform between now and then, next time, for president? >> no. i actually am optimistic they will, chris. in fact, the postmortem that came out today from the republican party mentioned four times that they have got to start including gay people in the party platform. >> wait a minute. wha
to you. >> great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> so president obama nominating thomas perez as the next labor secretary filling the seat vacant since january, and rich edson is live outside the white house with more on that. rich? >> held a similar position for the state of maryland, recent position is the department of justice leading up to civil rights division. president obama in his nomination says that he believes that thomas perez will push his administration's priorities at the labor department. >> we're going to have to work very hard to make sure that folks find jobs with good wages and good benefits. we have to make sure veterans returning home from iraq and afghanistan have a chance to put their incredible skills and leadership to work at home. we need to build ag immigration system that works for every employee and every family and every business. >> some republicans criticizing the pick according to a department of justice inspector general report showing deep ideological divisions within the department that thomas perez headed up predating the obama administrat
in iran is now demanding that the obama administration issue a statement calling for the release of saeed abedini. attorneys for the abedinies at at hearing on friday accuse the u.s. state department being quote, awol on this subject for the last few months. listen to some of this. >> i think the state department's refusal to appear before this committee today is extremely troubling and frankly offensive. the failure to appear today to testify frankly is inexcusable. we've had some dialogue with the state department over the last several months. i will be honest, mr. chairman it has not been pleasant. the lack of concern, the lack of engagement has been problematic in our work to free pastor saeed abedini. saeed abedini is a united states citizen. he is us and our government is not here for him or or state department is not here for him. martha: strong words from the attorney there. i'm joined once again by naghmeh abedini the wife of the jailed pastor, saeed abedini. and jordan sekulow fighting to help free her husband. the soak tiff director at american center for law and justice. welco
publicly in the state of the union address, not once but three times that i listened to, what you would want and you actually expect bill clinton it's not president obama to say. but privately he is grousing. do you see in the 50's a man that is at war with himself over what he believes? >> i can see that. one of the most interesting things following this thread of mixing and civil rights, i mentioned the trip to africa and 67, and that's where we met martin luther king, dr. martin luther king who was 28-years-old at the time and nixon they've really got along. particularly trying to see nixon to lobby for the administration you wanted to get to eisenhower. they said sure, come and see me. they met in washington at the office and they stayed in touch regularly. and king really felt they had a correspondence he was really admired pity and he had a good sensitivity about this. the one black man and eisenhower's white house salmon named fred mauro and he wrote a book called a black book in the white house and he felt completely sort of alienated. people he felt prejudice but he felt -- he
of obama care but keep the revenues from obama care. that gets 1.8 billion and patty murray doesn't want to do anything to obama care. medicare and medicaid. most of the cuts from medicaid by turning it back to the states. a little bit in medicare. ryan's plan is after we go to the voucher premium support, whatever you want to call. ryan has a trillion dollar cut in foot stamps, unemployment and agriculture subsidies and some stuff you want to cut and some you don't want to and you try to boil it down together and say what does this do to the debt? the gdp ratio. about 79% and this is presequester. the murray plan takes us down to 70% which is a little bit lower than where we are today at 73%. you can see the curve goes up and then it comes down and stabilizes. i think what most budget people view as the minimum acceptable amount of deficit reduction and still have something credible. simpson/bowles to 64%. ryan 55%. we would like to get there but the magnitude of what ryan wants to do to spending. >> neither of these programs take on intiltsments, do they? >> well, ryan takes on entitle
:30 for a few votes on measures debated earlier. we'll have live coverage. --sident obama noting to beated thomas perez the next labor secretary. here is that announcement. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, accompanied by thomas perez. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. everybody have a seat. as i have said before, my top priority as president is doing everything we need to do to make sure we are growing our economy and that we are strengthening our middle class. as i said in the state of the union address, every day we should ask ourselves three questions -- one, how do we make sure america is a magnet for good jobs, two, how do we need to equip people for good jobs, and, three, how do we make sure that hard work pays off in a decent living? have are the challenges i instructed my team and cabinet to focus on, and a position that is instrumental to tackling this challenges is having an outstanding secretary of labor. thanking begin by hilda solis and her entire team, [applause] including the acting secretary harris, for the outstanding work they have been doing
is the sum of a dominican immigrant in the first hispanic to be named to president obama second term cabinet. the ceremony to case in the white house geese room this morning. here is a look. [background sounds] >> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states accompanied by thomas perez. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. [applause] everybody have a seat. have a seat. as i have set before my top priority as president is doing everything we need to do to make sure that we are growing our economy and that we are strengthening our middle class. and as i said said in my state of the union address last month, every day we should be asking ourselves three questions. one, how do we make sure america is a magnet for good jobs? number two how do we equip people with the skills they need to get those jobs and number three, how do we make sure that hard work actually pays off with a decent living. these are the challenges that i've instructed my team at the white house and by entire cabinet to focus on and a position that's instrumental to tackling these challenges is having an outstanding s
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